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The Story Behind IronFox Clothing

An IronFox is a strong female. She is confident, fierce and kind. She believes in community. She is goal-driven. She isn't afraid to sweat and work her body hard. An IronFox is up for all the challenges that life throws at her and she sees each day as an adventure. She's on the go and wants clothing that is comfortable and simple. Clothing that will move with her body for all the things she's doing and all the places she's headed. An IronFox lives a life that is limitless. 

When I created IronFox Clothing in 2017, finding clothing that was cute, fashionable, comfortable and affordable wasn't always easy. I dreamed of an online place to shop for clothes that both fit and flexed with my ever-changing body (hello, hormones, holidays, having babies, etc). And my friends did, too. So, that's when IronFox Clothing was born. 

IronFox provides clothes that could work with the female body, on the daily. Clothes that are simple. Clothing that can be worn to work, to PTA meetings, on a date night out, to church, or just lounging around the house. Clothing that mainly can be dressed up or down, depending on mood or circumstance. 

IronFox Clothing is clothing for foxes. Foxes that like to lift iron -- and foxes that want to have a closet full of clothes that they can wear in all seasons. IronFox Clothing is clothing that flexes and fits--regardless. sarah sunstrom photography