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MamaFox Talk

Posted on February 06 2018

Pull up a chair. Grab a cup of java. Let's have a heart to heart. 

Here's some MamaFox wisdom:

There are a few key elements to being an amazing Influencer, Rep, Ambassador, sharer of good things. Not just for IronFox, but for ANY company that you want to represent. 

1. Already be a customer

You aren't qualified to rep if you aren't already in LOVE with their stuff.  You cannot really be excited if you don’t have firsthand experience with it. AUTHENTICITY, sells. You want to wear, eat, lift, whatever it is you're sharing. AND be true--if you LOVE it so much, share it with others! It’s impossible to be authentic with your followers and friends if you haven't experienced something yourself. Don't be a fake. Fake is bogus. Lots of stuff online is fake, don't let that be you. 

2. Show not tell

It’s one thing to be a customer. It’s another to shout your love for a company from the rooftops. Of course, in this case, we’re talking the virtual rooftops of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, your blog– whatever gets your message out there and let's people know what you love. If you want to be a rep– you need to rep! Simple.  Companies don’t want to pay you or give you free stuff to show that you love them, they want to reward you for already doing it.

3. You’re active in the community

This is one I don’t think some people think about. A lot of brands have their own communities and pages you can be active in. Our group is an example of that. It’s not about posting your purchases all the time (though we love it when you do) but it’s about engaging with others in the community, as well as, and engaging in your own personal community.  You want to draw outsiders into our brand by answering questions, posting progress, helping others, adding humor and giving motivation. Show your support by making the entire online community a better place for everyone in it.

4. You have an engaged following

Huge followings are kinda cool, but you wanna know what’s cooler? An engaged following. If you have lots and lots of followers but only a few likes on a picture, that just looks sketchy.  We want to see a following that is actually following! Are they commenting? Do they adore you? Are you actually influential to them? THAT matters far more than numbers and if you can show that, your value goes way up.

5. You express what you can bring to the table

Look, it’s super flattering that you want to rep my little company, but you have to remember that when you reach out– you’re actually asking to be supported by us. I don’t take influencership lightly. I want my foxes to know that I am THERE for them if they need something. For me it goes way, way beyond promoting my products. I am inviting them into my little family. I am allowing them to play a part in growing my little, newborn business. It's a special relationship, and it should be treated as such. So when you reach out you need to remember that you are asking for this brand to support you, so first and foremost you need to express what you’re already doing to support us. How you can help us grow and bring value.

Sooooo there it is. Whether you want to rep us or any other brand-- THAT is the secret sauce and what it takes to not only be a rep--but the best of the best.